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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the collecting craze that's making national news, #NBATopShot. The guys talk about why it could be the future of #TheHobby and why there are reasons to be wary. Plus the guys want to know what are some things you hate about The Hobby and they play another round of Guess That Price!

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about a huge week for one of the leading auction houses in The Hobby, Goldin Auctions. Hear what the guys think about Chernin Group's major investment in Goldin, the latest numbers from their most recent auction and why BGS black label is setting a new standard for grading. Plus, in honor of President's Day, the guys try to put together the Mount Rushmore of sports cards.

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On a special edition of The Hype, Cody Pasby chats with Topps artist Blake Jamieson! Blake has quickly become the go to artist for the athletes, and over the last year he's brought his talents to The Hobby with fantastic pieces for Topps Project 2020 & his spin on 1951 Topps Baseball. Cody talks to Blake about how he turned his talents to athlete portraits, what's in store for Topps Project 70 and what he thinks about the future of sports cards in the art world.

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Come join Doug, Dan & C-Rad on the latest edition of The Hype as they bask in the glory of their 1st Topps Rip Party Breaker Showcase Championship! The guys talk about the Rip Party and their thoughts on Series 1 so far. Plus, the man who flipped a Mike Trout superfractor for $1 million, "Vegas Dave" Oancea, thinks the sports card market will crash by 2024. The guys debate his bold claim and whether we should even take his opinion seriously.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad get ready for the upcoming Topps Rip Party & preview Topps Series 1. Plus the guys talk about some underrated rookies from the first new NBA set of the 20-21 season, NBA Hoops.

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Doug, Dan & C-Rad take a look at some of the 1st big 2020 Contenders Football hits listed on eBay, which 1st Bowman cards could be hot sellers this spring & the guys reveal the awesome prizes we'll be giving away on Super Bowl Sunday!

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Doug chats with Ryan Holland of Real Breaks Live about the upcoming Topps Series 1 Rip Party, card shop life and his thoughts on some of the hottest trends in the hobby. And there's no hotter trend right now than NBA Top Shot, a crypto-collectible that's having a meteoric rise. Doug and Dan talk about if the success can last and what it means for the future of The Hobby.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the upcoming release of 2020 Contenders Football and how Contenders autographed card prices compare with Silver NFL Prizms. Plus the guys talk about a crazy story about how a guy who stumbled on a LeBron James logoman card he had stashed away for 17 years.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad play an early NBA season edition of Guess That Price and discuss how the Tiger Woods documentary will affect his card prices, Plus the guys run down the worst autographs and products in The Hobby for 2020.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad wrap up the year and discuss the best (and worst) products of 2020! See what the guys think stood out from the world of baseball, basketball, football & hockey and what moments they think defined the year for The Hobby.

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Doug chats with Scott Greenberg, the CEO of the new online sports card marketplace StarStock! Find out what sets StarStock apart from its competitors and which NBA players Scott is excited about in The Hobby for the new season. Plus Doug and Dan talk about one of the biggest releases of the holiday season, 19-20 Flawless Basketball and look back at the history of the product.

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This week on The Hype, Cody fills in for Doug and chats with Dan & C-Rad about the biggest holiday releases in The Hobby, record breaking auctions for Giannis & Gretzky cards and the guys preview the 2020-21 NBA season.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad share their thoughts on 2020 Bowman Draft and why collectors shouldn't worry if they don't get top pick Spencer Torkleson and Heston Kjerstad. Plus the guys discuss some of their biggest customer service pet peeves and Doug recalls a frustrating customer service call he had from almost a decade ago.

This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the huge sale of PSA's parent company and the ripple affect it will have in the hobby. Plus the guys play a 2020 Prizm Football edition of Guess That Price.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about what to expect from 2020 NFL Prizm and how Joe Burrow's injury will affect the rookie QB market. Plus the guys also talk about Immaculate Basketball and discuss some of the brightest young NBA stars in a Thanksgiving themed edition of Buy of Sell, Feast or Famine.

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This week on The Mojobreak Blitz, Doug, Dan and Cody talk about the "Hail Murray" pass and where Kyler Murray ranks among QB's both on the field and in The Hobby. Plus the guys share their hottest QB takes and make picks for week 11 in the NFL

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On this special edition of The Hype, Doug chats with Chris from the House of Jordans Podcast and Card Ladder! The guys talk about The Hobby, the explosion in basketball cards popularity and the 2020 NBA Draft.

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This week on The Mojobreak Blitz, Doug, Dan & Cody talk about the best and worst NFL releases in The Hobby so far this season, what they think about the possibility of a 16 team playoff and they make their picks for week 10.

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad share their thoughts on NFL Illusions and how Panini is handling outstanding Kobe Bryant redemptions. Plus the guys try to predict what Chicago White Sox phenom Luis Robert's one of one 1st Bowman superfractor will net at auction and which rookie QB has the brightest future in the NFL & the hobby.

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The Mojobreak Blitz is back as we reach the halfway point of the NFL season! Doug, Dan and Cody talk about which teams have been the biggest surprises and disappointments in football, who is the midseason MVP and make some picks for week 9.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the newest releases in the hobby, including 19-20 Clearly Donruss NBA and 2020 National Treasures Baseball. Plus the guys talk about the latest news about the 2020-21 NBA season and Cody hosts a round of Guess That Price!

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have been crowned World Series champions, but there's still plenty to talk about in the world of baseball. Doug & Cody recap some of the biggest moment of the 2020 World Series and try to figure out who's to blame for the Justin Turner COVID fiasco. Plus the guys hand out some awards to the biggest stars in the hobby during the 2020 MLB season.

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Doug chats with Ryan Johnson AKA Cardcollector2 about how he got into the hobby, his road to success and what he thinks about the latest trends in trading cards. Plus the guys talk WNBA Prizm, TMZ's bold claims about Rob Kardashian's card haul and some thoughts on the 2020 World Series.

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This week on The Mojobreak Blitz Dan, Doug & Cody discuss the Miami Dolphins surprise move to name Tua Tagovailoa their starting quarterback after Ryan Fitzpatrick's hot start. Plus the guys talk about Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry's MVP caliber season and they make their picks for week 7 in the NFL.

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On this week's edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the latest NBA releases from Panini, preview the upcoming NBA Draft class and share their thoughts on the some of the biggest news to come out of this week's Industry Summit Expo.

On the latest edition of The Mojobreak Blitz, Doug, Dan & Cody recap the biggest headlines from week 5, including Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott's season ending injury. Plus the guys check in on some the NFL's star quarterbacks & their current card values and make their predictions for week 6.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan and C-Rad discuss the latest football release from Panini, Spectra Football 2020. Plus Doug talks about his interaction with Upper Deck on Twitter and more big Pokemon card sales.

We're down to the final four in Major League Baseball! Doug & Cody talk about the ALCS & NLCS so far, why Houston making it back to the World Series might be a good thing for MLB and which players collectors should keep an eye on in each series.

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This week on The Mojobreak Blitz, Doug, Dan & Cody talk about the biggest surprises and disappointments in the NFL as we hit the quarter marker of the season. Plus the guys talk about what affect the Tennessee Titans COVID outbreak will have on the rest of the season, the stacked rookie wide receiver class and they pick some winners for week 5.

Note: this episode was recorded prior to Thursday night's Bucs-Bears game and before the NFL announced that the Titans-Bills game would be moved to Tuesday night.

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This week on The Hype, the guys discuss the latest releases in the hobby including Topps Triple Threads and Panini Absolute Football. Plus the guys talk about Logan Paul's big Pokemon break happening later this week and which players are collectors most hyped about from the 2020 NBA Finals.

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The MLB Postseason is in full swing! Doug & Cody are back to share their thoughts on the Wild Card round and who they think will move on the the Championship Series. Plus after a fantastic start to the playoffs for Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr., the guys debate if he could reach Mike Trout's level both on the field and in the hobby.

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Doug, Dan & Cody recap week 3 action in the #NFL, including another comeback performance for Chicago Bears QB Nick Foles (and another blown lead by the Atlanta Falcons) and why the Bengals-Eagles tie had big repercussions for the QB card market. Plus the guys talk about which rookie QB not named Joe Burrow they like the most and look ahead to week 4.

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This week Doug, Dan and Conrad talk about star running back Alvin Kamara's shockingly bad autographs for his 2020 cards and the resurgence of Pokemon cards. Plus, Doug and Dan settle the debate once and for all; which grading service is better, PSA or BGS?

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The MLB Postseason has arrived! Doug & Cody preview the Wild Card Round and pick out which players from each series collectors should keep an eye on. Plus the guys choose their World Series favorites and discuss MLB's 2020 All-Rookie team.

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On the latest edition of the Mojobreak Dugout Session, Cody & Doug talk about the players collectors are chasing from this year's edition of Bowman Chrome and which slumping players & teams have the best chance to bounce back in 2021. Plus the guys talk about MLB's new postseason format and why it might be here to stay.

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This week Doug, Dan & Conrad talk about yet another record breaking card sale and what the $1.8 million sale of Giannis Antetokounmpo's rookie logoman card means for the hobby. Plus the guys discuss the latest NBA release from Panini, 19-20 Contenders Optic and which 2019 NFL card boxes you should try to get your hands to try and snag a Kyler Murray rookie card.

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & Conrad talk about the do's and dont's of book card grading, the crazy prices of NFL cards after the 1st week of the season and which football rookie cards from this season and years past are the most coveted among collectors right now.

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On the latest edition of Mojobreak Dugout Session, Cody & Doug go over the latest baseball releases from Topps, 2020 Bowman Chrome and Allen & Ginter. Plus the guys talk about this season's fantastic rookie class and which cities could have a brand new baseball team very soon.

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This week Doug, Dan & Conrad look ahead to the 2020 NFL season and compare the top players in fantasy football to the top players in the football card hobby. Plus the guys review Topps Ben Baller Chrome and discuss Panini's move to sell individual NBA Logoman autos on their website for $30,000.

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On the latest Dugout Session, Cody & Doug discuss which surprise teams can carry momentum into next season and which under performing teams might need to start thinking about rebuilding. Plus the guys talk a few former top prospects that are starting top live up to their potential and might be worth investing in.

Doug, Dan & Conrad are back to talk about Topps Stadium Club, razzing and which NFL rookie cards they're buying and selling.

Russell Wilson Rookies are on fire! We compare and debate Russell VS Big Ben Vs Aaron Rodgers . 

Listen in to win a free box! 

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Cody & Dan discuss the intriguing news that Major League Baseball will be holding the 2021 Draft as part of the All-Star week festivities in Atlanta. The guys talk about what it means for collectors and what else MLB should do to get more fans interested in the Draft.

Trout 1/1 Sells for $4 Million who's next? We talk buy and sell . Kyler Murray, Luka Doncic and more!

We are looking for guests for the show. Send us a message with your suggestion(s) for guests 


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Doug and Cody are back to talk about the biggest stories around baseball, including another record breaking Mike Trout card sale, the favorites for MVP & Cy Young awards halfway through the season and the Slam Diego Padres rewriting baseball's unwritten rules.

Scams are more prevalent in our hobby these days. We give you tips on how to keep yourself safe. Hot packs on E-bay? Don't fall victim to these. How to spot fake cards.

2020 Mosaic Football is up for presale. Is it worth the price tag? How much will Bengals cost in breaks?

Lastly we talk Lillard 2012-13 Prizm Silver. Some of these numbers will shock you!

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Win a free Box of 2020 Topps Chrome Baseball.
Watch to find out how! PSA did us dirty. We vent. Topps selling a product with an IPO? Rally road teams up with Topps to offer a 100K Topps baseball set. Find out more or be more confused as the gang talks about buying stock in a topps product. Damian Lillard Vs Jayson Tatum vs Devin Booker . Who will be a better long term investment
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Cody and Doug look back at another week in baseball, which included yet another fight involving the Houston Astros and a meltdown from a former World Series hero. Plus, the guys discuss some sleeper players that collectors should keep an eye on and look back at some of their all time favorite cards. 

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The Trio chat's 19-20 Chronicles Basketball. Is it worth the $1150 a box price tag? Will the singles sell as well as the box price? Mark Wahlberg is getting in the hobby. Doug Trolls and more.

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This episode we talk about Bol Bol and his Denver Nugget Rookie Cards and Rookie Prizms! Anthony Fauci has a baseball card the sells more copies than any other baseball player? Lastly we talk about 19-20 Chronicles Basketball by Panini. Gala /8 Zion a 20k Card? Follow us

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C-RAD cooks up a special NBA Episode. We talk about the bubble and the cards that are effected by the bubble. Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Brandon Clarke, Zion, Luka Doncic and more 

Thanks for listening 

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Confirmed sale of a Lebron 03-04 Exquisite RPA! This sale is the highest single modern card ever. We discuss the impact on the hobby.

Sorry for Audio having some growing pains with new studio. Hope you enjoy! 

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Chronicles and Finest Soccer are on fire! We talk about the two big stars as Soccer singles will blow your mind. Time to sell or hold Cam Newton Rookie cards? We debate this and talk about 5 other cards you should buy or sell. #thehobby #collect #mojobreak #sportscards

We do breaks!

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Zion Prizm Logoman Auto? Only available on blockchain. We discuss the recent Basketball market with Spectra being released. 

Topps shows Acuna signed cards thrown on a table . We discuss all the keyboard warriors and the hilarious comments .

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If you haven't already done so listen to Mojo Sessions #8 we talk to the creator of Exquisite Basketball. 

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The Architect Karvin Cheung joins us as we discuss the most iconic basketball set of all time. 2003-04 Exquisite. Karvin helped birth the brand in which he calls "a labor of love" . Listen to see why The name exquisite wasn't his first choice. We cover a lot of nostalgia within the exquisite brand. 

Karvin is arguably one of the most important creators in the basketball hobby. His knowledge and creativity is on display in this fascinating interview. 

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Baseball is set to be back. We show our love for baseball and talk about some of the stars prices. Is the market fatigued? We talk about some low end products priced to the high end

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We test run our new studio. More content to come. We talk early National Treasures 2019-20 NBA. Prices are insane! We talk ZION RPA 

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Hype returns next week! Doug joined Big Shep and Junkwax Twins for a great episode of the hobby hotline. Lots of topics discussed 

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Dan joins Big Shep and Your Pal Val on this weeks show of the hobby hotline.  Hobby Hotline is the hobby's only live call in show. 

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Hobby Hotline is going bi weekly! Join Doug for the first Monday SHOW! Live at 4-5pm Pacific 

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Hot new products are here! We breakdown and dissect pricing on singles and the product overall . Jasson Dominguez and Zion Chase is on. We also talk more about Lebron singles.

Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_139_-_Bowman_Baseball_Mosaic_NBA__More.mp3
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Project 2020 Selling for 10x the original price? We navigate through these crazy times with discussions on high prices on collectibles. 

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The gang is all here. Dominguez paper base going for $250? Does this hold up once 2020 Bowman Hobby is released? We break it down . 

The industry is on absolute fire . Cards are selling . We compare prices pre pandemic to now 

We talk : Kyler, Zion, Ja Morant, Trout, Jordan Last Dance, and MORE

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Every Saturday morning the Hobby Hotline is live on youtube. Top podcasters have banned together for the hobby's only live call in show. Tune in live every Saturday at 8am Pacific, 11 am Eastern 

This show Features: Drew from Lemme Get that Podagraph
Mike Sommer from Wax Pack Hero and Doug Caskey from 



Direct download: Hobby_Hotline_-_Episode_13.mp3
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Card prices are skyrocketing! We offer some advice on how to navigate and how to read through all the craziness 

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_136_-_Jordan_EP_3_and_4_Ridiculous_Card_Prices.mp3
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Jordan cards and Jordan vs Lebron. Dan and Doug discuss the documentary that has taken the sports world by storm. 

We end off talking about Panini no longer honoring expired redemptions. 

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Direct download: The_HYPE_135_-_Jordan_Last_Dance_EP_1_and_2_Panini_Redemption.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 8:02pm EST

Panini's block chain cards are popping up in flawless. Do digital cards have a place in our hobby? Some are selling for more than you would think. We dive into opinions on both sides.

We also talk about super fail. 

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_134_-_Panini_Blockchain_Thoughts__Super_Break_Fail.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 8:53pm EST

The three of us discuss the latest news in our hobby. 
Will the National still happen?
Product delays?
Flawless redemption first? 
What have you been doing? 

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_133_-_State_Of_The_Hobby_Topps__Panini_Delays.mp3
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Dan and Doug talk Football! 2019 National Treasures might be the best ever. We talk the last 9 years of NT products. 

With the latest information about Atlantic City will the 2020 National still happen? We discuss

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Direct download: 132hype.mp3
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Should you be selling during these times? Doug breaks down his thoughts and provides ideas to expand your avenues of selling. 

TB12 to Tampa Bay!

2019 NFL rookie class could be best ever.

Fun Solo episode 

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Direct download: Hype_131.m4a
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Gary V the Kylie Jenner of the sports card industry? Find out our take on Gary V's Influence 

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_Episode_130_-_Gary_Vee_Thoughts__Transcendent_Party.mp3
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What should you buy and what is the outlook amongst these three brands. We also talk pack searchers

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_Episode_129_-_19-20_NBA_Prizm_vs_Optic_vs_Select.mp3
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Fresh off the 2020 Topps Industry Conference we talk all the things Topps Baseball. Jasson Dominguez have you heard of him? He's the next big Bowman 1st out of 2020 Bowman. We discuss his value and how 2020 Bowman is looking.

The spicy chip challenge is also done! Thank you to the folks who donated to the KOBE foundation. 

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_128_-_2020_Topps_Conference_Review__Hot_Chip_Challenge.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:33pm EST

Lots of rumblings about this being Junk wax Era 2.0. We discuss this insane growth we are in. We also talk about the 1300 Polar bear card, Dougs Disdain for printing plates and more!

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_127_-_Zion_Hype__Modern_Junk_Wax_Era_Thoughts.mp3
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As suggested by a loyal listener we do a roundtable discussion about buy/sell/hold of the Hobbies top names. 
Zion, Luka, Kyler and MORE!

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_126_-_Buy_Sell_Hold__NBA_Cards_Exploding.mp3
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2020 Topps Baseball Million Card Rip Party. We did 18 cases there. Monumental event. We share our experiences good, bad  and turkey red box toppers. 

Mahomes wins a Super Bowl. His cards worthy of their prices?

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We skipped 123 in order to do 124 in tribute of the greatest Laker of all time. We talk Kobe in the collectable world. Is ok to sell? What about the people that are raising their prices? Be careful of all the FAKES on Ebay. Be aware.

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_124_-_Kobe_Bryant_Tribute_Legacy__Impact_On_Hobby.mp3
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We started breaks in 2010 we look at the good, the bad and the replay from across the last 10 years of sports cards. Fun show. Recommend watching this on youtube as well for the videos and pictures

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Direct download: Mojo_The_Hype_122_-_A_Decade_Of_Breaks_Review.mp3
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Astros cheat how does this effect the marquee player card values? Zion is scheduled to play next week. We break down recent Williamson card sales. We also debate the NFL Championship Weekend 

Thanks for listening as always!

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Live from Florida Dan Joins us to talk about the Viral Video of Lauri Markannen 1/1 Nebula. We also chat about Block Chain and MORE!

Sorry about audio. Work in progress with the on location broadcasting

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Happy Holidays everyone. We talk Panini Block Chain. Panini will be offering real logoman autos directly through there website. We discuss. We also chat about Adley and his 23k Super! 

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Lots of WB stuff going on on the old twitter machine. Doug goes into full rant mode on the topic. Recent 225k Card? We discuss Brees on all time list

We cover: Brady, Brees, Draft Sapphire, Zillow, and Prices that are ridiculous

We also do guess that price! 

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Bowman Draft is out and we break down the possible best year of the product ever. 

C-Rad and Doug go head to head with another fame of "Guess that price"

Additionally we talk about some early NBA and MLB prices 

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You get any Prizm First off Line? We discuss the new Dutch Auction method. We debut the "Are you high" Segment. Some peoples asking prices on ebay are insane! Some one is asking 10 million for sticker auto? Mojobreak The Hype Podcast!

We also quickly recap Transcendent MLB 

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Bots are pissed. Panini has changed there first off line selling format for Prizm NBA 19-20 First off Line. Zion Williamson is hotter then ever on the heels of Luka. We chat all about it on todays episode. 

We also talk 2019 Bowman Draft and talk about the early big names . 

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Luka is being compared to Lebron. He is a straight Triple Double machine. His prices are soaring and we discuss. 

We also talk Astros, Hall of Fame and MORE

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We pulled 5 logoman's over the last few days. We break down 18-19 Flawless NBA. The good and the bad. 

Pete Alonso Vs Yordan Alvarez . Who is a better investment?

We also talk about the 30K Box Topps Transcendent

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Luka has debunked the trend. His prices continue to rise even with the new rookie class. We also talk about the industry heading more towards PSA vs BGS. We end off the show talking about the last 5 years of the top 2 QB's.

Fun show . Thanks for listening 

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Bowman Chrome X is being offered exclusively through They have a super unique bidding process. We break down the product and talk about the new market buzz. We also talk about Luka and Trae.

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We go over the NBA Silver Prizm Print run over the last 3 years and make predictions. 

Zion's out for 6-8 Weeks. How does this effect his value for the hobby? CRAD and D&D discuss

Its good to be back. Thank you all for continuing to show your support for the show

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With 8 Interceptions in 5 Games is it time to jump off Baker Mayfield bandwagon? 
Immaculate Collegiate NBA Could be the greatest product ever made. We share early sales and talk odds.

Who would you want in a fight by your side? We talk NFL defensive players. 


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Funny Ebay Listings another hot topic! We talk SOTO Cards, Hobby Language and more. Fun episode

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Video Version on YOUTUBE. 

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We breakdown some of the early sales of 2019 Bowman Chrome. Freudis Nova, Noelvi Marte, Seth Beer and MORE

We also talk about negotiating on ebay

Its good to be back after a week off! Thank you all for listening to the podcast 

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NFL has started. We breakdown the Week One Standouts and relate it to there cards. Kyler Murray, Marquise Brown, Josh Jacobs, Gardner Minshew and MORE

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Listen for details about the pastime marketplace giveaway

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With Contenders Draft the first Zion Autos have hit the market. The initial pricing is unfathomable. Dan and Doug have a debate on his value, future and what his cards should be . 

We also talk about a recent high dollar Mahomes Rookie Auto that was trimmed

Super fun podcast only episode 

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We chat about all the crying surrounding 19-20 Contenders Draft NBA First off Line. Things get wacky. The industry is blowing up and we discuss. We also talk about Luck's Early retirement.


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We break down the numbers. Is Ronald Acuna the most hyped of all time? How do his prices compare to the prior NL MVP's? 

It's Fantasy Football Time again! We break down the top 12 Fantasy QB's against there Contender Rookie Autos.

We are also giving away a very sweet prize courtesy of Past Time Marketplace!

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Zion's first 1/1's ended at auction this week for insane amounts. Luis Robert's Superfractor just sold for an insane amount as well.

Dan and Doug aggressively debate these two cards.

We also chat about Zion's Panini Signing.

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The crew is back from the 2019 National! We chat Panini VIP Packs, Mojo Sessions, Free Breaks, and MORE

We also go over last shows giveaway

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Check out The Breaker Culture Podcast - Great Show with Great Insight In this show we chat it up about Market Insights 2018 Football Products Lonnie


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We have a nice chat with our buddies from About The Cards podcast. We chat about Trimmed cards, Kirby Puckett, Vlad JR, 2011 Topps and so much more!


Follow them on Twitter @AboutTheCards @bigshep79 @junkwaxtwins @ourtradingcards Listen to there podcast on all the podcast outlets!

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With over 4.1 Million Views Jack of All Trades is on Fire! We talk to Stu about the movie, Bob Saget, Logic, 89 Upper Deck, Logic and more

Stu Opens a Box of 2019 Leather and Lumber

Go and Watch Jack of All Trades on Netflix Now!

@stustone on Twitter

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