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Mojobreak back at it! This episode we discuss recent releases, NFL Rookies, Topps Chrome and more, Boomo joins us as a guest and discusses his 50 cases of 2012 Bowman Draft. Listen now! 

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Its been a long time coming but Dan and Doug are back with another great episode. Everything hobby related is discussed. 2012 Baseball products year in review, Hot 2011 and 2012 Impact rookies, 2012 Five Star Baseball, Black Friday Promos, Prospectors, and so much more.

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Its been awhile! Dan and Doug are back with more juicy hobby talk. The two discuss Topps and Allocations. Is it a strategy? 2012 NFL is here and Mojobreak has some thoughts on who is going to be the hot rookie. Products touched on are 2012 Topps Football, 2012 Topps Finest, 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball, and 2012 Rookies and Stars Football. Listen through and find the free stuff! 

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Check out this fresh new podcast. Doug is joined by Ryan Tedards from Topics discussed are: Ginter, Baseball Prospects, Gold Standard, Upper Deck, Buying and selling and much more. Check out the free contest. We are also joined by Washington Nationals Pitcher Ryan Tatusko. He discusses card collecting from a players point of view. Can't miss episode. Download now

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Another action packed episode of the Sports Card Show Podcast. In this episode Rage and Fresh discuss all the new and exciting things in this hobby like : Certified, The National, Recent releases, Funny Ebay Auctions, Tweets from athletes and so much more.

We review 2012 Tier One

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Tracy Hackler from Panini America sits in and discusses the 2012 NFL Rookie Premiere event. Tracy Provides us with an in depth look behind the scenes at this years NFL Rookie Premiere as well some previews of the upcoming 2012 Panini Football Products. 

Product Reviewed:2012 Bowman Baseball

Dan and Doug cover all sorts of hobby news ranging from ebay negative feedback, to talking about the newly previewed Five Star Baseball

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Exciting times for the hobby as celebrates its 1 year anniversary for podcasts. Limited Baseball is reviewed. NFL Draft is covered. Junior Seau, Harper, High Priced cards, complaints, and more is talked about. Download now and be sure to follow us on twitter @mojobreak_com or doug @dougcaskey

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The last football release of the year has came out. Mojobreak takes you through all major licensed football products and hands out awards. Good and bad. We also touch on 2012 Museum Collection Baseball. Lots of stuff is discussed in this episode. Sure to get a few chuckles. Follow us on twitter @mojobrea_com or @dougcaskey Dans twitter to follow

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Dan and Doug take there talents to vegas! In this episode mojobreak has three guests! Holy smokes! Tracy Hackler from Panini America, Ryan Tedards from, and Jason Howarth VP of Marketing for Panini America. The summit coverage is here everything from the Orleans drapes to the Benchwarmer girls. Its a must have download as mojobreak has a contest for some rediculous prizes courtesy of Panini America!

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Download now! A cant miss mojobreak podcast show. Topics covered are Manning, Shipping ettiquete, Panini customer service, Vegas summit, Previews, Yu Darvish, and so much more. The Mojobreak Tangent is a great listen!


Products reviewed are

Topps 2012 Tribute

Topps Five Star football

Playoff Contenders Football

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Everyone else is talking about it! So Dan and Doug give you there take on Topps 2012. We also feature a very honest review on 2011 Topps Precision. Tangents that are went on include: Tom Brady, Peytons Neck, Luck, Poker, Chick - fil - a, paypal and more!

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Mojobreak is back! With an action packed episode that features reviews of:Elite 2011 Baseball, Sterling 2011 Football, and Sterling 2011 Baseball. Dan and Doug Cover a range of things like tebow, 2012 baseball season, twitergraphs, leaf, supreme, 5 star and more! Download now

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