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The National is gonna look a a little different this year after a wave of major thefts have rocked the hobby. Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the multi-million dollar robbery at the Dallas Card Show and how extra precaution is being taken at NSCC 2024. Plus, more Michael Jordan Fleer rookie auto mysteries, Topps unveils a new redemption exchange program and the guys get ready for next week's release of 2023 Contenders Football with a special edition of Guess That Price!

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We check in on what's going on in Sin City on this 4th of Juy edition of The Hype! Dan, C-Rad & Cody recap the NHL Draft and how the hobby played a surprise role at this year's event. And a PSA vending machine spotted at a Vegas hotel goes viral but might be too good to be true. Plus Topps Tier One hits the shelves and the guys discuss some of the biggest mysteries & missing cards in the hobby.

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Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Cody take some time this week to reflect on what makes a great breaker on the latest edition of The Hype! The guys delve deep into the do's and dont's of breaking and what you should avoid when becoming a breaker or looking for a place to join breaks. Plus, half of Victor Wembanyama's white sparkle rookie cards were pulled by one breaker which has the hobby talking. And after a fantastic Stanley Cup Final the guys talk about the Panthers huge win and Connor McDavid's hobby value after losing the Cup but winning the Conn Smythe.

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This week on The Hype, the guys remember the late Willie Mays and what he meant to generations of baseball fans. Plus a look at Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown's card market after the Celtics dominant playoff run, why an Oilers comeback could be good news for The Hobby and a first look at the checklist for 2024 Topps Chrome Baseball.

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Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Gary react to a couple of 2-0 leads in the Stanley Cup & NBA Finals on this week's episode of The Hype! The guys get into how a slow start for Kyrie & the Mavs will be too much to overcome and if a Finals loss will affect Luka negatively in the hobby at all. Plus, Fanatics rebrands PWCC, Series 2 Baseball brings one of their most loaded checklists ever and the guys go on a detailed rant about why it's ridiculous to call certain beer's "manly".

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The whole gang is back for a packed episode of The Hype! Two of the hobby's biggest stars - Luka Doncic & Connor McDavid - are both headed to their sport's Finals for the first time in their careers. The guys preview the NBA & Stanley Cup Final and discuss what a championship would mean for the young superstars. Plus the year of the pitcher might actually be real after Paul Skenes record superfractor sale, the Michael Jordan logoman sells for over $3 million and in honor of Justin Jefferson's record setting contract, the guys play an all wide receiver edition of Guess That Price!

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Nature AKA @natureluvzyou chats with Doug for another edition of Mojo Sessions! Nature talks about how he gets ideas for some of the funniest videos in the hobby, shares some of his favorite players & products to collect and how growing up in the Bay Area influences him & his content.

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Doug & Dan are back LIVE on The Hype! The guys have finally started accepting that maybe Luka Doncic is living up to the hype and take a look at some of his recent card sales. Then with the release of Fanatics' new twist on memorabilia and cards Emanate, the guys talk about their favorite pieces of memorablia and open up an incredible box of Emanate to wrap up the show!

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On this week's episode Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Cody talk about a new king of Michael Jordan rookie cards, the NBA Conference Finals and how Marvin Harrison Jr.'s legal battle with Fanatics will affect the hobby. Then Doug chats with Jess Mineo of Bleecker Trading about the biggest stories in sports cards, how she got into the hobby and how it felt getting a baseball card in this year's edition of Big League Baseball.

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Plenty of stories to get to on a jam packed episode of The Hype! The guys discuss the Nuggets return to dominance, PSA's new-ish slabs and why GameStop is suddenly getting into the hobby. Plus we go over early sales data for 2024 Bowman Baseball and look back at one of the busiests and most successful Bowman release weeks ever.

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Doug & Dan break down everything Bowmna on the latest edition of The Hype! The guys discuss another huge Bowman bounty, the latest additions to the product and how they feel about some personalized autos that might be loaded up in this year's product. Plus Panini is releasing a pair of huge hoops products this week and the guys rank which products will get the most attention from collectors during a busy release week.

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We've got no shortage of hobby headlines on this week's episode of The Hype! Doug & Dan are back from the Topps Industry Conference in Atlanta and share their stories about this year's event plus discuss all of the big news with C-Rad & Cody. Then, Cody chats with Andy Cason from Football Card Quest to break down this year's loaded NFL Draft class and talk about which players he's most excited to collect this coming season. 

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Our first look at the 2024 NFL rookie class is finally here on this week's episode of The Hype! Doug, Dan & Cody preview which teams will be the biggest winners as the NFL Draft gets underway and if this year's QB class could top some of the notable classes of the past decade. And for more Draft talk Dave & Adam's Alaina Jonathan talks to Cody about D&A's big plans in Detroit for the Draft and more! Plus Tom Brady's VIP Event gone wrong and a special NBA edition of Guess That Price to get you ready for our brand new basketball buyback Mojobreak Quadruple Double!

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The hobby has a new contender for biggest show of the year and we dig into it on this week's episode of The Hype! After the announcement of Fanatics Fest NYC, the guys talk about what it means for the future of The National and what they would like to see from a dream show for sports cards. Plus, Ohtani's translator gets caught on WhatNot, Chrome Black makes waves, a divisive hobby social media influencer gets a big promotion with Topps and C-Rad & Cody try to get Dan to remember the magic of going to the movies.

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No need to put on your solar glasses for this week's edition of The Hype! We start off with one of the strangest Topps Now cards in existence, the 2024 solar eclipse commermoration, and ask everybody on the show: do you care that it got dark for a bit? Plus Angel Reese's exclusive deal with Panini, Jackson Holliday's anticipated debut plus how the Goldin/eBay deal will affect collectors and how Fanatics will respond.

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We're in hoops heaven on this week's edition of The Hype! Doug, C-Rad & Cody talk about Caitlin Clark's incredible run in the NCAA Tournament and why this upcoming season could be the biggest ever for women's basketball both on the court and in the hobby. Plus Wemby's historic rookie season contiues to light up the sports card market, one of the biggest triple logoman cards from this year's Flawless Basketball gets pulled and Topps reveals some surprising names on this year's 2024 Bowman Baseball checklist.

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The guys dust off their best Don West impressions on the latest edition of The Hype! After a hilarious Don West clip went viral on hobby social media, Doug does his best sales pitch in Don's classic style. Then a breakdown of two of the most anticipated high end releases of the year, why the sudden decline of the 2021 NFL Draft QB's could give collectors pause as we head into another QB heavy draft next month and the guys make some MLB predictions as Opening Day arrives!

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Doug, Dan & Cody break down a MASSIVE week of new releases that includes 3 new baseball products, 2 football products and the debut of Topps UFC on this week's edition of The Hype! The guys review the checklist for Topps Dynasty and find a surprising name in this year's set and go over the long awaited Logoman checklist from upcoming 2022/23 Flawless Basketball. Plus the guys get ready for Opening Day and predict how the hobby will react to Tiger Woods' son's very first card out of Sports Illustrated for Kids.

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Arguably the biggest card of the year was pulled & graded this week as the owners of the Victor Wembanyama Black Prizm 1-of-1 revealed the pull and shared that the card already got a PSA 10. But that's only half the story. The guys dive into what the card's value is, if it's deserving of a Gem Mint 10 and what they make of the use of a card care service before sending it off to PSA. Plus, another Shark Tank alum shows interest in the hobby, MLB's Spring Breakout arrives and the gang plays a NFL free agency edition of Guess That Price!

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Hockey is front and center in the hobby this week with the release of 2023/24 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey and the debut of the Connor Bedard Young Guns rookie! The guys talk about the hype surrounding the Blackhawks rookie, the million dollar bounty on his 1-of-1 and if the high price tag on Series 2 boxes is worth it. Plus Caitlin Clark signs a historic deal with Panini and the guys dig into the prospects baseball collectors will be talking about on the field and in the hobby this season.

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The full squad is back and everyone's got something to get off their chest on the latest edition of The Hype. First, the guys look at the incredible prices Victor Wembanyama's Prizm rookie cards are selling for and debate whether to sell now or hold. Then a pair of Fanatics blunders puts the company in hot water once again not only with the hobby but the entire sports world as the great MLB jersey debate continues. And hear the guys thoughts on yet another week of controversy on Whatnot after a breaker pulled the Lionel Messi Topps Finest superfractor a day early and another decided to keep a huge Wemby rookie card.

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Episode #328 is here! The OG's (Doug & Dan) discuss New 23'-24' NBA Prizm Basketball and a BIG Wemby Pull, Aidan O' Connell's unsigned football cards being found in the trash in Las Vegas?!, Anthony Richardson maybe not signing his autographs, Steph vs Sabrina in the first ever NBA vs WNBA 3PT Contest & much MORE!

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After another Super Bowl win for Patrick Mahomes (and more heartbreak for the Niners, Doug, and Cody) the guys talk about Mahomes' place in football lore and the hobby. Plus Topps announces a new Hobby Hall of Fame, a 1st look at a Bowman superfractor causes a stir and 2024 Series 1 Baseball kicks off a new MLB season.

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At long last, Super Bowl week has arrived! The guys talk about how Vegas has done as host city of the big game so far and get in the Sin City spirit with some prop bets for the future of the hobby. Plus, the Bronny Jr./LeBron superfractor gets pulled, Messi MLS autos are coming and Troy Licastro from Dave & Adam's The Chase joins the show to talk about pulling one of the biggest Brock Purdy cards, D&A's big bounties and much more!

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With the Chiefs & 49ers set for a Super Bowl rematch, the guys had the share their thoughts on the AFC & NFC Championship games before digging into a busy week in the hobby. UFC returns to Topps, Immaculate & Diamond Icons debut, a former baseball player admits to faking his autographs and a whole lot more are discussed on this week's episode!

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NFL Championship Sunday is upon us, and Doug & Cody's beloved 49ers are one step closer to Super Bowl glory. Oh yeah, so are the Lions, Chiefs & Ravens. Doug, Dan, C-Rad and Cody preview this weekend's AFC & NFC Championship games, debate which matchup the hobby would love the most and share some level headed thoughts on Brock Purdy. Plus Doug sits down with Eddie from Gio Breaks to talk about the challenges facing breakers & customers in the current hobby landscape and why he believes the future is incredibly bright with Fanatics steering the ship in the sports card world.

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The football card market got a much needed boost the last few weeks with the release of Prizm and now impressive wins from a pair of young QB's. The guys take a look at Jordan Love & C.J. Stroud's card market and debate which remaining playoff QB's have the best upside in the hobby. Plus a big week of Bowman releases, a look at the Prizm Basketball checklist and the guys play their first 2024 edition of Guess That Price!

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King James has officially left Upper Deck behind and made the jump to Fanatics. Doug & Cody talk about what LeBron's new deal could mean for Topps products in 2024 & beyond and which big names could follow him. Plus, card manufacturers try to capitalize on Mickey Mouse's public domain status, Topps reveals the 2024 Series 1 MLB design and the guys make some predictions heading into the NFL Playoffs.

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With the arrival of 2023 Prizm Football, the guys talk about this year's set and why it could end up being the premiere football product of the season. Plus, with the Fanatics exclusive autos still affecting Panini products, Doug, Dan C-Rad and Cody talk about what affect it's had on football cards as a whole and how products like Contenders can work around it. Plus, a preview of 2023 Goodwin Champions and another Disney product takes the hobby by storm.

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