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Would you pay $2K for a PSA 10 Wander Franco Series 1 Rookie Card? Doug, Dan, C-Rad and Emily discuss another week of Wander-mania in The Hobby and take a look at the market for other recent hobby heroes to see if the what the future holds for Wander cards. Then Doug & Dan sit down with Emily to talk about how to start a breaking business! for breaks for wax for Pokemon and MORE!

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This week on The Hype, we recap an unforgettable weekend in LA including a huge Super Bowl win for Dan's Rams and the premiere of 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball! The guys take a look at the early sales of Wander Franco cards, brand new Home Field Advantage inserts and much more from Topps' flagship baseball release.

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This week on The Hype, the guys break down another huge auction from Goldin and dig into why The Hobby is still so obsessed with Zion Williamson and Jasson Dominguez. Plus, a preview of the upcoming Topps Series One Rip Party and a special Super Bowl edition of Guess That Price!

Note: We experienced some technical difficulties with Cody's mic during recording, we apologize for the audio quality.

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This week, the guys chat about Tom Brady's retirement and what his card market looks like as his Hall of Fame career comes to a close. Plus, Joe Burrow is in the Super Bowl! Is it time to sell? And what 2020 boxes should you hold on to?

Note: We experienced audio issues with Doug's mic in the last 15 minutes of the show, apologies for the technical difficulties.

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