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This week we're joined by Joe Staley on this week's episode of The Hype for w wide ranging conversation covering everything from what he would change about the hobby, how he got into sports cards and exclusive stories of the ups & downs of his 49ers career. Plus Dan, C-Rad & Cody go over a huge list of new releases and Cody asks if we are starting to take Shohei Ohtani for granted after another unbelieveable performance.

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Lots of hobby news to cover on this week's edition of The Hype, including the upcoming NBA Draft! The guys look back at number 1 picks throughout the years and debate whether or not investing big money in top pick cards is a worthy investment. Plus, Panini announces a replacement for old redemptions, CSG becomes CGC and we look at how the top newsmakers in sports are doing in the hobby in our buy or sell segment.

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Did you hear? We pulled a pretty big card last week, so you know we gotta relive the once in a lifetime pull on this week's episode of The Hype! The guys talk about the incredible Lebron/Curry/Luka triple logoman out of 21/22 Flawless Basketball and specualte where it ranks among modern cards. Plus, a deep dive into Select Football XRC's, a look at how the NBA & Stanley Cup Finals affects the hobby, a special Logoman edition of Guess That Price and a heated discussion about which beer we'd be drinking in a locker room celebration.

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We travel to every corner of The Hobby on the latest episode of The Hype, starting with a look at brand new Topps Series 2 Baseball and an exciting call up in Cincinnati. Plus, the guys discuss how Messi's move to Miami could finally make MLS cards a must have for soccer collectors, a Select Football preview and an in depth discussion on how Livvy rizzed up Baby Gronk (we have no idea what that means either).

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The NBA Finals tips off tonight, but will collectors care? The guys discuss which Nuggets & Heat stars they would invest in and which ones to sell before the start of game 1. Plus a look at a packed week of new releases, a check in on MLB's biggest stars & rookies as we're a thrid of the way through the baseball season and a special case hits edition of Guess That Price!

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