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This week on The Hype, we cover everything from the autograph pavilion at The National to Taco Bell's giant Cheez-Its. But the main topic is still the LeBron triple logoman after it sold for $2.4MM. Is it crazy to call the final sale a disappointment? Plus we discuss how collectors will view Mike Trout's career when it's all over and look at some cards from the world of pop culture & entertainment that are defying the odds and going up as the card market dips.

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With the guys still celebrating another Warriors NBA title, Dan, C-Rad and Cody discuss where Steph Curry now ranks in basketball history both on the court and in The Hobby. Plus, a look at 2021 Contenders Optic Football, Panini's party plans at The National and eBay enters the world of live commerce.

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2021 Flawless Football arrived with a BOOM! Dan talks about his massive 1-of-1 Mac Jones Shield Auto pull, what it means for the future of the product and where it ranks among modern football cards. Plus, the guys talk about the most overrated & underrated ahtletes in The Hobby and discuss what the Fanatics college sports deal means for Panini.

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Last week it seemed like Topps Series 2 was going to be a dud. This week, not so much! Cody talks to former Go GTS Live co-host Ivan Lovgren about how Topps handled the rollout of Series 2, if it provided a peek at how they'll handle future baseball releases and wha the future of baseball cards & sports card collecting looks like after another major deal at Fanatics.

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On the latest edition of The Hype, the guys take a look at some high profile auctions in the hobby, including what Goldin Auctions is calling the modern day grail card, the LeBron triple logoman. The guys debate whether that card deserves the title,take a look at some of the biggest storylines after a week of ripping open 2021 Prizm Football and play another round of Guess That Price.

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Cody is joined by one of the best baseball card YouTubers around, Scott Baldwin aka Scottie B of Scottie B Cards! Cody talks to Scott about the reaction to the Topps Series 2 checklist and what the hold up is for rookie cards from players like Bobby Witt Jr. and Julio Rodriguez. Plus, the guys compare cards from some of the top performers on MLB's best teams and debate whether they're buying or selling a couple of NL All-Star candidates who are heating up at the plate.

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This week on The Hype, the guys share their 1st thoughts on the biggest NFL release in The Hobby, 2021 Prizm Football. Plus, the guys build a NBA FInals PC and specualte when we'll see the top MLB rookies after Topps released an underwhelming Series 2 checklist.

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Memorial Day weekend is behind us, which means we've reached the quarter mark of the MLB season. Cody looks back at some of the predictions made on the show so far this season and how those players & products fared in the 1st quarter of the 2022 season.
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