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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the collecting craze that's making national news, #NBATopShot. The guys talk about why it could be the future of #TheHobby and why there are reasons to be wary. Plus the guys want to know what are some things you hate about The Hobby and they play another round of Guess That Price!

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about a huge week for one of the leading auction houses in The Hobby, Goldin Auctions. Hear what the guys think about Chernin Group's major investment in Goldin, the latest numbers from their most recent auction and why BGS black label is setting a new standard for grading. Plus, in honor of President's Day, the guys try to put together the Mount Rushmore of sports cards.

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On a special edition of The Hype, Cody Pasby chats with Topps artist Blake Jamieson! Blake has quickly become the go to artist for the athletes, and over the last year he's brought his talents to The Hobby with fantastic pieces for Topps Project 2020 & his spin on 1951 Topps Baseball. Cody talks to Blake about how he turned his talents to athlete portraits, what's in store for Topps Project 70 and what he thinks about the future of sports cards in the art world.

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Come join Doug, Dan & C-Rad on the latest edition of The Hype as they bask in the glory of their 1st Topps Rip Party Breaker Showcase Championship! The guys talk about the Rip Party and their thoughts on Series 1 so far. Plus, the man who flipped a Mike Trout superfractor for $1 million, "Vegas Dave" Oancea, thinks the sports card market will crash by 2024. The guys debate his bold claim and whether we should even take his opinion seriously.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad get ready for the upcoming Topps Rip Party & preview Topps Series 1. Plus the guys talk about some underrated rookies from the first new NBA set of the 20-21 season, NBA Hoops.

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Doug, Dan & C-Rad take a look at some of the 1st big 2020 Contenders Football hits listed on eBay, which 1st Bowman cards could be hot sellers this spring & the guys reveal the awesome prizes we'll be giving away on Super Bowl Sunday!

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Doug chats with Ryan Holland of Real Breaks Live about the upcoming Topps Series 1 Rip Party, card shop life and his thoughts on some of the hottest trends in the hobby. And there's no hotter trend right now than NBA Top Shot, a crypto-collectible that's having a meteoric rise. Doug and Dan talk about if the success can last and what it means for the future of The Hobby.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about the upcoming release of 2020 Contenders Football and how Contenders autographed card prices compare with Silver NFL Prizms. Plus the guys talk about a crazy story about how a guy who stumbled on a LeBron James logoman card he had stashed away for 17 years.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad play an early NBA season edition of Guess That Price and discuss how the Tiger Woods documentary will affect his card prices, Plus the guys run down the worst autographs and products in The Hobby for 2020.

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