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This week on The Hype, the gloves are off. After a week filled of controversy in The Hobby, Dan unloads on a breaking company that has gotten away with scams and ugly behavior for too long. Plus, a look at brand new SP Authentic Golf and the guys debate which possible NBA Finals matchup would be the best for The Hobby.
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This week on Wax Packs & Warning Tracks, Mojobreak's own Doug Caskey joins the show to talk to Cody about the most overrated & underrated baseball players in The Hobby, including some controversial picks and a Yankee prospect struggling to live up to the hype. Plus, a look at a pair of very different no hitters and another out of nowhere star for the Cardinals who could be a bargain for collectors.

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This week on The Hype, Dan, C-Rad & Cody discuss the end of The Hobby's version of the golden ticket chase as the LeBron James triple logoman card was finally pulled out of Flawless Basketball. The guys talk about what card could be the next modern grail card and if the end of the chase could mean less attention at The National. Plus, Dan & C-Rad open a box of brand new 2022 Topps Tribute Baseball and Cody hosts a special National Treasures Football edition of Guess That Price!

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After one month of baseball, we check in on the top stars in The Hobby and some struggling Hobby favorites with baseball YouTuber Bailey of Foolish Baseball! Cody talks to Bailey about who he added to his collection before the 2022 season and which struggling young stars are most likely to bounce back after slow starts. Plus with Ronald Acuna Jr. back in the Braves lineup, Bailey shares his thoughts on the star outfielder and what he made of Atlanta's dramatic offseason.

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National Treasures football has arrived, and it's one of the most anticipated releases in years! The guyts preview this year's set, speculate which rookies will sell the best on the secondary market and more. Plus, a Bowman Baseball box break and buy or sell NBA Playoff edition!

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Cody goes behind enemy lines for the latest episode of Wax Packs & Warning tracks as he welcomes one of the fastest growing breakers on Instagram and die hard Dodger fan Stephanie Garcia to the show! Cody talks to Stephanie about how MamaBreaks has grown over the past year, what she loves most about The Hobby and the storied Giants/Dodgers rivalry set to begin another chapter this week.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & Cody take an in depth look at the 2022 Bowman Baseball checklist and figure out which prospects collectors should be chasing. Plus, a 1/1 Wander casues a stir, a 1st look at 21/22 Revolution Basketball and with the NFL Draft starting today, the guys discuss the possibility of a weak draft for football collectors.

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With 2022 Bowman Baseball right around the corner, Cody welcomes Susan Lulgjuraj of Goldin Auctions & Card Chat to talk about the hotly anticipated set and her favorite Bowman cards through the years. Plus. Yankee Stadium shenanigans, Wander Franco's sensational start and do Byron Buxton's cards still have room to grow in the hobby?

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This week on The Hype, the guys open up some boxes of brand new 2021 Phoenix Football, look ahead at a crazy couple months for football collectors and speculate what the new era of Starting Lineup figures & cards could look like. Plus, in honor of 4/20, the guys look at some recent "high" card sales and puff or pass on the future of some of the brightest stars in The Hobby.
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This week on Wax Packs & Warning Tracks, The Baseball Collector Mike Moynihan joins the show and talks to Cody about vintage baseball card collecting and the advantages of collecting old school cards vs modern cards. And with future Hall of Famers Miguel Cabrera & Albert Pujols approaching career milestones, the guys talk about the players from today whose cards could become the next vintage collectables many years from now.

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This week on The Hype, the gang gets ready for the NBA Playoffs and the release of 2021-22 Contenders Basketball! Cody, Dan & C-Rad look back at the rookie class of 21/22 and rank their top rookies as the biggest basketball products in The Hobby start to get released. Plus, big changes at HGA, Emily joins the show for a 20/21 Ultimate Collection Hockey box battle and a special NBA Playoff edition of Guess That Price!

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This week Cody Pasby is joined by one of the best baseball YouTubers around, Marc Luino aka GiraffeNeckMarc, to talk about baseball's opening week and Marc's new baseball card channel, GiraffeNeckCards! The guys make some grand assesments based off of itsy bitsy sample sizes in the first edition of buy, sell or hold for the 2022 MLB season. Plus with some future Hall of Fame making their return to the mound over the weekend, they look at cards from some of the best pitchers of this generation & determine which ones are worth adding to your collection.

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This week on The Hype, the guys debate if one of The Hobby's hottest new releases, WWE Prizm, is worthy of the hype. Plus, the gang opens a box of brand new 2021 Goodwin Champions, discusses the fallout of Topps UEFA Euro soccer deal and talk about a potentially huge year for baseball 

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On the debut episode of Mojobreak's Baseball Card podcast, Cody Pasby chats with baseball card YouTuber Rydog54! The guys preview the upcoming season on the field, debate which recently called up top prospect will have the best value in The Hobby and go over their sleeper picks for collectors to pick up before Opening Day.

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We wrap up our coverage from The MINT Collective in Las Vegas with the good folks from Roadshow Cards Jimmy Mahan & Tracy Hackler! Cody & Dan talk to the guys about what they liked about the show, their big plans at Roadshow and much more!
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This week on The Hype, the guys recap a HUGE week in The Hobby, including The MINT Collective, two news making breaks of Flawless Basketball & WWE's surprise deal with Fanatics. Plus Cody talked to Card Ladder co-founders Chris McGill & Josh Johnson from The MINT about the event and what's next for their company. Then Doug, Dan & C-Rad have another box battle, this time with brand new 2022 Inception Baseball!
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From The MINT Colletive in Las Vegas, Doug & Cody sit down with legend of the hobby Dr. James Beckett! The guys talk about what The MINT could look like in the future, how the hobby has evolved in recent years and much more!
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From The MINT Collective in Las Vegas, Doug & Dan are joined by fellow hobby podcasters Mike Gioseffi & Jesse Gibson from The Ringer's Sports Card Nonsense! The guys talk about their paths into the sports card world, podcasting & much more!

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This week on The Hype, the Mojobreak gang gets ready to head to Vegas for The MINT Collective! The guys discuss what they'll be doing at the show and if it has a chance to become a west coast version of The National. Plus, Doug, Dan & C-Rad have a 2021 Contenders Football box break battle and we preview baseball season with a look at cards from the top prospects and biggest stars in The Hobby.

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Live from the Topps Industry Conference in Arizona, Doug & Dan chat with one of the OG's of breaking Larry Franco of Live Case Break! The guys talk to Larry about how he got his start with Live Case Break, how the Fanatics/Topps deal will change the industry & much more!
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This week on The Hype, the guys discuss the very, very short retirement of Tom Brady, break open a box of brand new 2021 Limited Football, try to explain why 2021 F1 Topps Chrome has become so popular and look at some common card scams to watch out for. Plus, the guys play another round of Guess That Price, focused on alternative sports card stars.
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On this week's edition of The Hype, the guys talk about one of the biggest football releases of the year, 2021 Contenders Football and look back at some of the most iconic cards in the set's history. Then we give you a sneak peek of our latest episode of The Break Room featuring the founder of StockX & current CVO of Fanatics Collectables Josh Luber! And we wrap things up with a heated debate about Josh's latest venture with Fanatics & Gary Vaynerchuk's NFT's turned cards VeeFriends.

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From the 2022 Topps Industry Conference in Arizona, Doug & Dan catch up with fellow breakers Ryan Holland & Tom Kulczewski from Real Breaks and Real Sportscards! The guys talk about how they got their start in breaking, how the industry since the hobby boom in 2020, Fanatics & Topps new partnership and much more!

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Emily stops by to talk about what hockey collectors should look forward to as the long awaited 21/22 Series 1 Hockey arrives this week. Plus, the guys recap the Topps Industry Conference, revisit Ja Morant's value in The Hobby after his incredible February and discuss what affect the MLB lockout will have for baseball collectors.
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Would you pay $2K for a PSA 10 Wander Franco Series 1 Rookie Card? Doug, Dan, C-Rad and Emily discuss another week of Wander-mania in The Hobby and take a look at the market for other recent hobby heroes to see if the what the future holds for Wander cards. Then Doug & Dan sit down with Emily to talk about how to start a breaking business! for breaks for wax for Pokemon and MORE!

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This week on The Hype, we recap an unforgettable weekend in LA including a huge Super Bowl win for Dan's Rams and the premiere of 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball! The guys take a look at the early sales of Wander Franco cards, brand new Home Field Advantage inserts and much more from Topps' flagship baseball release.

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This week on The Hype, the guys break down another huge auction from Goldin and dig into why The Hobby is still so obsessed with Zion Williamson and Jasson Dominguez. Plus, a preview of the upcoming Topps Series One Rip Party and a special Super Bowl edition of Guess That Price!

Note: We experienced some technical difficulties with Cody's mic during recording, we apologize for the audio quality.

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This week, the guys chat about Tom Brady's retirement and what his card market looks like as his Hall of Fame career comes to a close. Plus, Joe Burrow is in the Super Bowl! Is it time to sell? And what 2020 boxes should you hold on to?

Note: We experienced audio issues with Doug's mic in the last 15 minutes of the show, apologies for the technical difficulties.

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This week on The Hype, the guys revisit their preseason list of the best QB's in The Hobby and make some much needed adjustments. Plus, Flawless Basketball first reactions, the Marx Cards controversy and what will eBay's new card authentication service mean for collectors?

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This week on The Hype, the guys dig into all the drama in The Hobby from the past week, from BBCE's multi million dollar blunder to a breaker giveaway gone terribly wrong. Plus, after a wacky wild card weekend, the gang talks about which losing QB's hurt their sports card stock the most and which wideouts are worth investing in.
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This week on The Hype, Cody, Dan & C-Rad reveal the winners of the best products of the year in 2021 and reveal some of their favorite non-traditional sports cards. Plus, the most disappointing products of the year, a NFL Wild Card weekend preview and which NBA stars should collectors buy, sell & hold as the season reaches the halfway point.

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This week on The Hype, it's all about the deal that will change The Hobby as we know it. We go in depth and discuss Fanatics acquisition of Topps and what it means for the future of sports & trading cards. Plus, we talk about Logan Paul's Pokemon deal gone possibly gone wrong and debate whether or not Wander Franco's Bowman's Best card should be considered his 1st rookie card.

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