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This week on The Hype, the guys recap a HUGE week in The Hobby, including The MINT Collective, two news making breaks of Flawless Basketball & WWE's surprise deal with Fanatics. Plus Cody talked to Card Ladder co-founders Chris McGill & Josh Johnson from The MINT about the event and what's next for their company. Then Doug, Dan & C-Rad have another box battle, this time with brand new 2022 Inception Baseball!
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From The MINT Colletive in Las Vegas, Doug & Cody sit down with legend of the hobby Dr. James Beckett! The guys talk about what The MINT could look like in the future, how the hobby has evolved in recent years and much more!
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From The MINT Collective in Las Vegas, Doug & Dan are joined by fellow hobby podcasters Mike Gioseffi & Jesse Gibson from The Ringer's Sports Card Nonsense! The guys talk about their paths into the sports card world, podcasting & much more!

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This week on The Hype, the Mojobreak gang gets ready to head to Vegas for The MINT Collective! The guys discuss what they'll be doing at the show and if it has a chance to become a west coast version of The National. Plus, Doug, Dan & C-Rad have a 2021 Contenders Football box break battle and we preview baseball season with a look at cards from the top prospects and biggest stars in The Hobby.

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Live from the Topps Industry Conference in Arizona, Doug & Dan chat with one of the OG's of breaking Larry Franco of Live Case Break! The guys talk to Larry about how he got his start with Live Case Break, how the Fanatics/Topps deal will change the industry & much more!
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This week on The Hype, the guys discuss the very, very short retirement of Tom Brady, break open a box of brand new 2021 Limited Football, try to explain why 2021 F1 Topps Chrome has become so popular and look at some common card scams to watch out for. Plus, the guys play another round of Guess That Price, focused on alternative sports card stars.
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On this week's edition of The Hype, the guys talk about one of the biggest football releases of the year, 2021 Contenders Football and look back at some of the most iconic cards in the set's history. Then we give you a sneak peek of our latest episode of The Break Room featuring the founder of StockX & current CVO of Fanatics Collectables Josh Luber! And we wrap things up with a heated debate about Josh's latest venture with Fanatics & Gary Vaynerchuk's NFT's turned cards VeeFriends.

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From the 2022 Topps Industry Conference in Arizona, Doug & Dan catch up with fellow breakers Ryan Holland & Tom Kulczewski from Real Breaks and Real Sportscards! The guys talk about how they got their start in breaking, how the industry since the hobby boom in 2020, Fanatics & Topps new partnership and much more!

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On the latest edition of The Hype, Emily stops by to talk about what hockey collectors should look forward to as the long awaited 21/22 Series 1 Hockey arrives this week. Plus, the guys recap the Topps Industry Conference, revisit Ja Morant's value in The Hobby after his incredible February and discuss what affect the MLB lockout will have for baseball collectors.
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