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Legend of the music & sports card world DJ Skee is our guest this week on The Hype! Skee dropped by to help us celebrate Loupe's 2 year anniversary and give away some incredible prizes on the stream. Doug & Cody talked to him about music, sports, business and much more! Plus we discuss the ever changing hierarchy of QB's in the hobby after Bill Belichick's surprising decision to bench Mac Jones and we take a look at which players (and a manager) have the most to gain in this year's fall classic.

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The NBA season has arrived, and Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Cody take a look at the rookies to watch, the stars on the move and breakout players to watch in the hobby for the 2022/23 season. Plus, the guys look cards of some of the NFL's rising stars in buy, sell or hold and discuss more fallout from the in depth investigation & allegations against Backyard Breaks.

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It wouldn't be a week in #TheHobby without a little drama, and there was plenty of it on this week's episode of The Hype. The guys talk about more allegations of "juiced" cases being thrown at a major breaker and why baseball players seemed to be at their breaking point with adult autograph seekers this week. Plus, a look at how much Julio Rodriguez SP's are selling for a week after Silver Packs arrived and another round of Guess That Price hosted this time by Doug!

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We go around the world for this week's episode, literally. World Cup mania is set to take the Hobby by storm, and the guys talk about which teams collectors will be keeping a close eye on come November. Plus, Kenny Pickett & Bailey Zappe were the 1st rookie QB's to take the field in 2022, will either one become worth investing in? And Cody breaks down some of the MLB postseason stars to watch this October and revelals which surprise team could be the best investment opportunity for collectors.

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