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On this week's episode of The Hype, Doug & Dan dig into Prizm Basketball and check in on some of the biggest rookies from last year's class to see how their card prices have changed since last season. Plus Gabriel stops by to break down Prizm EPL Soocer and the guys talk about the ramifications of a 17 game NFL regular season.

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On this week's edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad discuss the upcoming release of one of the biggest NBA products of the season, 20-21 NBA Prizm. The guys get into what to expect from this season's edition and why prices fell so hard at Panini's dutch auction. Plus the guys discuss 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball and more.

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On this week's edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad talk about 2021 Topps Inception and which first year players have the most upside in the stacked 2021 MLB rookie class. Plus the guys talk about the rise of tandem & multi-auto cards and which NFL QB's are the most underrated and overrated in The Hobby?

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On this week's edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan & C-Rad discuss another record breaking week in the sports card industry, newly released Revolution Basketball and take a look at the baseball card market as we inch closer to Opening Day.

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This week on The Hype, Doug & C-Rad talk about another record breaking card. See what the guys think about the $4.6 million Luka Doncic logoman and if that kind of investment in a 22 year old player is too risky. Plus the guys discuss PSA's price hike and NBA Top Shot taking center stage on All-Star weekend.

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