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This week on The Hype, the guys revisit their preseason list of the best QB's in The Hobby and make some much needed adjustments. Plus, Flawless Basketball first reactions, the Marx Cards controversy and what will eBay's new card authentication service mean for collectors?

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This week on The Hype, the guys dig into all the drama in The Hobby from the past week, from BBCE's multi million dollar blunder to a breaker giveaway gone terribly wrong. Plus, after a wacky wild card weekend, the gang talks about which losing QB's hurt their sports card stock the most and which wideouts are worth investing in.
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This week on The Hype, Cody, Dan & C-Rad reveal the winners of the best products of the year in 2021 and reveal some of their favorite non-traditional sports cards. Plus, the most disappointing products of the year, a NFL Wild Card weekend preview and which NBA stars should collectors buy, sell & hold as the season reaches the halfway point.

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This week on The Hype, it's all about the deal that will change The Hobby as we know it. We go in depth and discuss Fanatics acquisition of Topps and what it means for the future of sports & trading cards. Plus, we talk about Logan Paul's Pokemon deal gone possibly gone wrong and debate whether or not Wander Franco's Bowman's Best card should be considered his 1st rookie card.

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