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LIVE from day 3 of The National, Doug & 49ers legend Joe Staley sit down with Panini America Marketing Director Tracy Hackler! The guys talk to Tracy about what Panini has planned for the rest of The National, what goes on behind the scenes at Panini and their go to karaoke songs.

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The crew talks 2020 Flawless Football. Where does it have its place amongst rookie card collectors? Will the 2021 National happen this year? 2021 NFL Draft. Will the hobby move through 2020 Rookie Cards easily? This and more on this jam packed episode!

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We're down to the final four in Major League Baseball! Doug & Cody talk about the ALCS & NLCS so far, why Houston making it back to the World Series might be a good thing for MLB and which players collectors should keep an eye on in each series.

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This week on The Mojobreak Blitz, Doug, Dan & Cody talk about the biggest surprises and disappointments in the NFL as we hit the quarter marker of the season. Plus the guys talk about what affect the Tennessee Titans COVID outbreak will have on the rest of the season, the stacked rookie wide receiver class and they pick some winners for week 5.

Note: this episode was recorded prior to Thursday night's Bucs-Bears game and before the NFL announced that the Titans-Bills game would be moved to Tuesday night.

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Every Saturday morning the Hobby Hotline is live on youtube. Top podcasters have banned together for the hobby's only live call in show. Tune in live every Saturday at 8am Pacific, 11 am Eastern 

This show Features: Drew from Lemme Get that Podagraph
Mike Sommer from Wax Pack Hero and Doug Caskey from 



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The three of us discuss the latest news in our hobby. 
Will the National still happen?
Product delays?
Flawless redemption first? 
What have you been doing? 

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Fresh off the 2020 Topps Industry Conference we talk all the things Topps Baseball. Jasson Dominguez have you heard of him? He's the next big Bowman 1st out of 2020 Bowman. We discuss his value and how 2020 Bowman is looking.

The spicy chip challenge is also done! Thank you to the folks who donated to the KOBE foundation. 

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Luka Doncic has surpassed sales of Donovan Mitchell. Who is the better long term investment and or Player? The Mojobreak Crew Discuss. We also chat Top 5 Qb's of all time

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Mojobreak The Hype Podcast Uploads a new show every week . We are the only PODCASTER'S in this Hobby that OPEN Cases upon Cases of every product.

We discuss Ayton, Young, Doncic. We debate on there value, collectability and team market. 

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On this special tuesday edition of they Hype We talk the history of Bowman Chrome! Lots of big names and the evolution of the product. We also preview Bowman Chrome 2018 which comes out this week!

Thanks for tuning in 


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The details of the 2018 Topps Transcendent Collection MLB has been released! We have went to the last 2 Transcendent parties so we offer up our take on the details of this years party. 

We also talk about redemptions and reward points. 

Mahomes rookies 

We lastly talk about 2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball 

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Listen now as we recap Allocations and high prices of pre sale wax. We also discuss Ohtani Super and the auction that is listed.

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On this episode we discuss entrepreneur Gary V's interest in buying a sports card company and all the possible scenarios. We also talk about which NFL Rookies are best to invest cheaply in. 

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This weeks show we recap our 2018 National 
- Gold packs and what to look for 
- Panini VIP Party 
- Chrome Ohtani Prices 

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We talk the collector panic of the possible Ohtani Tommy John and how it effects his cards. 

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We are back at with another Content filled episode!

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Mojobreak is back at it with more content! We got lucky to be at the rookie premiere breaking with top 2018 NFL Rookies. We chat about that. We also talk about Vegas Dave and the Trout SUPER

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Break Videos with Players 

Bradley Chubb 

Sam Darnold

Dante Pettis WR 49ers 

Tre'Quan Smith WR Saints 

Kalen Ballage RB Dolphins 

Royce Freeman RB Broncos 

Sony Michel RB Patriots 

J'Mon Moore WR Packers 

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The crew is back. We discuss 17-18 NT NBA and the craziness of the RPA's. 

Ben SIMMONS vs Donovon Mitchell 

2018 NFL Rookies 

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Action packed fun filled episode. We discuss the Ohtani Mania. Why are there no Refractors? How much will super go for? Is he worth it?

We also talk 2018 NFL Draft. Which top guy is the best to collect?

National Treasures NBA is on the horizon. Will this be another craze?

Tune in now! 

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Breaks at 

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Dan, Doug and CRAD Back at it

We talk about all those funny ebay 1/1 listings.

We also talk 2018 Bowman and Checklist 

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Breaks at

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We talk the explosion of Ohtani, NBA Playoffs and Rookie Investment and MORE

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Doug proclaims his love for Zay Jones

We talk new NT football
Prizm Mosaic NBA 
Encased NBA and MORE! 

We are back with another great episode!

We talk NBA Mosaic
NT NBA 17-18
Donruss wrapper redemption 
NFL moves and MORE!

Spots at

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Another great episode of the Hype!

The team covers : Contenders Optic NFL and its place in the NFL Card Pecking Order, Topps 4 Sale?, Upper Deck Supreme Hard Court, and we chat with Erik Newton from Hall of Fame Baseball Cards in Arcadia California 

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Doug and CRAD back for another episode 
We talk 2018 Industry Summit 
17-18 NBA Rookies
Ohtani Prices on Heritage 
Spots for Breaks at 

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Another episode of Mojo "The Hype"

Why is 2018 Bowman So expensive?

Will Ohtani live up to the hype?

Wentz vs Foles 

Breaks at

Another exciting podcast version of MOJOBREAK "The Hype"

We talk new 2018 Baseball 
Does Foles have a chance?
Kris Bryant Prices vs Mike Trout Prices 

Breaks at 

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The Mojobreak crew is back home! 

We discuss the 2017 Transcendent Party
Eagles Pats Super Bowl 
Foles Card Values 
Rants and MORE

Watch our Show live Every Wednesday at 2 Pacific 


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Special show. Roundtable discussion with Rich and Sara Layton from and Ryan Tedards from @sportscardnews on twitter 

We had alot of fun as you will find out. This was at 3 am after the open bar event 



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New fun episode of Mojo "The Hype"

We do these shows live every Wednesday at 2 Pacific 

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Fun episode with 2017 Hobby Products in Review. We Talk Digital personalized autos with 

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Listen to another exciting Mojo "The Hype" Episode

Tune in Live Wednesday's on Youtube 

Transcendent Spot Giveaway

In this show we Talk Stanton's Card Value
Frank Ntilikina, NBA Breaks and Prizm, Topps Transcendent Baseball, Aaron Rodgers and MORE! 

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We do breaks of sports cards at 
Tune into our live show on youtube 
Every Wednesday @ 2 Pacific 

Check out for live group breaks 

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Doug and Dan are back with a new show!

We talk about 2016 Topps Mint Baseball, E Pack Products, Joey Bosa, Over Production and MORE!

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Dan and Doug are back with a review of the 2016 NSCC in Atlantic City!

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Layton @rlayton42

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Great episode! We are joined by Donovan from Action packed episode with discussions of Ebay nightmares to reviews on 2013 Elite Football. Later in the show we are joined by Tracy Hackler from Panini America.


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Another great episode! The guys touch on all new hobby news. Ryan gives some tips and experiences for the 2013 National Sports Card Collector Convention in Chicago. 

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The crew is back with another great episode. We are joined by Donovan from Topics discussed are : Hockey, 2013 Score, 2013 Archives Baseball and So much more. Andrew and Brandon come on to talk hockey

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The crew is back! This week we give out awards for 2012 NFL Products! Also discussed on the show : 2013 NFL Draft and products, Leon Sandcastle, 2013 Bowman, Wrapper redemption and so much more!

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The gang is back and is joined by Susan Lulgjuraj from Topics discussed is the group breakers meeting at the summit, Topps Valor, Totally Certified NFL, Blogtv and so much more!

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Download now! A cant miss mojobreak podcast show. Topics covered are Manning, Shipping ettiquete, Panini customer service, Vegas summit, Previews, Yu Darvish, and so much more. The Mojobreak Tangent is a great listen!


Products reviewed are

Topps 2012 Tribute

Topps Five Star football

Playoff Contenders Football

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Everyone else is talking about it! So Dan and Doug give you there take on Topps 2012. We also feature a very honest review on 2011 Topps Precision. Tangents that are went on include: Tom Brady, Peytons Neck, Luck, Poker, Chick - fil - a, paypal and more!

So come check it out! its FREE!!!

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