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The Hype is back to cure your food coma this Thanksgiving! The guys talk about the possibility of Aaron Judge joining the Giants for a Turkey Day feast, which prospects collectors should be coveting out of this year's Bowman Chrome set and a new buyback program Topps is rolling out to honor the latest MLB MVP's. Plus, after Zach Wilson got benched the Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Cody discuss their picks for the most disappointing players in #TheHobby since the sports card boom began a few years back.

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The biggest QB's in The Hobby we're making headlines for all the right & wrong reasons in week 10. Doug, Dan & Cody debate the current QB landscape including Josh Allen's rough stretch, why Patrick Mahomes might actually be underrated and the return of one of the most controversial QB's in the game. Plus, 2022 Allen & Ginter drops this week but as of our recording we still didn't know which non-baseball subjects are in the set! We talk about why the checklist dropped so late and which celebs we'd love to see in this or a future release. Then Cody hosts a Guess That Price showdown between Doug & Dan!

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The Hobby was rocked by yet another scandal this week when it was revealed that  collectors could pick out Kaboom case hit cards from 2021/22 Crown Royale Basketball boxes by identifying the serial number on the box. The guys talk about the reaction from collectors, how many other products are affected and how this happened in the first place. Plus, we take a look at a couple of huge basketball card auctions, talk about a huge week for Justin Fields collectors and open up a box of brand new 2022 Prizm World Cup Soccer!

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Bryce Harper is having a postseason run for the history books, but are his cards still undervalued? Doug, Dan & Cody talk about Harper's place in  The Hobby and how a World Series win would change it. Plus the guys discuss which surprise QB they're investing in right now and we open up brand new Topps Star Wars Chrome Black! Make sure to comment on YouTube with your favorite Star Wars character for a chance to win the cards we pulled!

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Legend of the music & sports card world DJ Skee is our guest this week on The Hype! Skee dropped by to help us celebrate Loupe's 2 year anniversary and give away some incredible prizes on the stream. Doug & Cody talked to him about music, sports, business and much more! Plus we discuss the ever changing hierarchy of QB's in the hobby after Bill Belichick's surprising decision to bench Mac Jones and we take a look at which players (and a manager) have the most to gain in this year's fall classic.

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The NBA season has arrived, and Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Cody take a look at the rookies to watch, the stars on the move and breakout players to watch in the hobby for the 2022/23 season. Plus, the guys look cards of some of the NFL's rising stars in buy, sell or hold and discuss more fallout from the in depth investigation & allegations against Backyard Breaks.

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It wouldn't be a week in #TheHobby without a little drama, and there was plenty of it on this week's episode of The Hype. The guys talk about more allegations of "juiced" cases being thrown at a major breaker and why baseball players seemed to be at their breaking point with adult autograph seekers this week. Plus, a look at how much Julio Rodriguez SP's are selling for a week after Silver Packs arrived and another round of Guess That Price hosted this time by Doug!

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We go around the world for this week's episode, literally. World Cup mania is set to take the Hobby by storm, and the guys talk about which teams collectors will be keeping a close eye on come November. Plus, Kenny Pickett & Bailey Zappe were the 1st rookie QB's to take the field in 2022, will either one become worth investing in? And Cody breaks down some of the MLB postseason stars to watch this October and revelals which surprise team could be the best investment opportunity for collectors.

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The NFL season is only 3 weeks old, but have we seen enough to believe Trevor Lawrence has figured it out in the pros? We talk about the top pick from the 2021 Draft and what the future of his card market could look like in this week's Mojobreak Blitz. Plus, a look at this week's football card releases, Twitter drama from a hobby CEO and a special preview of the Las Vegas Card Show coming October 6-8!

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A week after it hit store shelves, The Hobby is still talking about 2022 Topps Chorme Baseball. But for all the wrong reasons. The guys discuss the missing SP rookie cards, how Topps handled the mistake and why some collectors seem to be waiting for breakers to fail in response. Then after Aaron Judge joined the 60 home run club, the gang debates if it was a good decision for the lucky fan who got the ball to give it back to Judge. Plus on this week's Mojobreak Blitz, it's all about Tua & Lamar Jackson after their inceredible shootout in Baltimore.

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This week we highlight the release of two huge new products: an old standby and the long awaited return of a hobby favorite. The guys take a look at the checklists for 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball and the highly anticipated Skybox Metal Universe Multi-Sport and Precious Metal Gem throwback cards. Then it's the 1st edition of The Mojobreak Blitz for the 2022 season! The guys look at which stars stood out in week 1, who are their picks to click in week 2 and which players are worth investing in before this weekend's action. Plus, we discuss the hottest rumor in sports cards: is Fanatics on the verge of acquiring Panini America?

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Wax Packs & Warning Tracks is back and this week Cody is joined by Ethan Kagno of Kagno Sports Cards to talk about the best prospects in Minor League Baseball in 2022. The guys discuss recently called up future stars, the next wave of MLB stars for next season and which sleeper players collectors should look into. Plus, we discuss one of the biggest baseball card products of the season, 2022 Topps Chrome and look at which rookies we're most excited to collect.

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Are you ready for some football? The Mojobreak gang is LIVE and previewing the 2022 NFL season on the latest episoide of The Hype! The guys take a look at the latest rookie class, debate which make or break stars are worth investing in and much more. Plus, Topps unveils their 2023 baseball design and a disturbing new video surfaces from one of the most controversial breakers in the hobby.

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The Hobby entered the mainstream news cycle this week after the SGC 9.5 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle sold for $12.6 million, setting a new record for sports cards and sports collectibles. The guys talk about the massive sale plus they dissect Colin Cowherd's interview with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin and his comments about the state of the sports card industry, a huge soccer star signs an exclusive deal with Panini and Doug looks to put an end to some of the rumors being spread about breakers.

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Select Football is always a highly anticipated release for collectors. But with XRC cards live in this year's edition, could this be the best set of Select the hobby's ever seen? The guys talk about that plus more funny business to address including an altered Tom Bray rookie card that made it to auction, a facsimile of Justin Verlander's autograph authenticated by a major grading service and has Trey Lance mania gone too far?

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Baseball collectors are getting ready for a fall season full of huge releases, including Bowman Chrome & Topps Chrome. But before we start collecting a new class of prospects & rookies, Cody and Dan look back at the last 3 years of MLB rookie classes. The guys debate which rookies exceeded expectations, which ones collectors took the L on, which rookies in next year's class are the best investment and much more.

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It's been nearly a month since the Mojobreak gang was in Atlantic City for The National, but the shockwaves from this year's show are still being felt after an accusation that a 86-87 Fleer Basketball box done during the biggest break at the show looked to be a "Frankenstein box". And once again, it's BBCE caught in the middle of it all. The guys discuss what this latest transgression means for BBCE's reputation and if their claims should be believed. Plus, more McDonald's Pokemon cards, a bold claim from a hobby influencer about Panini's silver & gold packs and a special controversial athlete edition of Guess That Price!

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The baseball world and the hobby were dealt a huge blow this week when MLB announced that Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. would be suspended 80 games for PED use. Cody is joined by Doug to talk about what the suspension means for his career, what it means for Juan Soto and the new look Padres and what it means for collectors who have invested in his cards.

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Doug, C-Rad & Cody are back for another edition of The Hype! This week the guys discuss which cards they believe are some of the most overhyped in the hobby, including the once red hot WWE sets, top baseball prospects and the "modern grail card" the Lebron Triple logoman. Plus, with the NFL season just a month away, the guys debate if now is the right time to sell your 2021 rookie QB cards or if some of the stars of last year's class should stay in your collection. Plus, a surprisingly in depth discussion of Mike Myers filmography, we swear it'll make sense.

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On this special edition of The Hype, Doug, Dan and the newest member of the Mojobreak team Tyler recap a wild, wonderful and weird week at The National 2022 in Atlantic City! The guys talk about some of the highlights of the show, including our huge National Treasures Basketball break with Loupe. Plus, see why the guys think this should be the last time the show calls south Jersey home.

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From The National in Atlantic City, Cody chats with co-owner of Cards & Culture and former big leaguer Anthony Ranaudo! The guys talk about Anthony's journey from MLB pitcher to card shop owner, what cards got him back into the hobby and discuss which landing spots would be best Juan Soto & Shohei Ohtani collectors if they're dealt before trade deadline.

Check out Anthony's shop in Baton Rouge @cardsandculture and check out his podcast The Up & In Show!

Note: This episode was recorded before the August 2nd trade deadline on July 29th.

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From The National in Atlantic City, Doug and Dan talk shop with one of the OG's of the hobby Grayson White, owner of Cherry Collectables. The guys talk to Grayson about the advantages of being one of the biggest names in sports card breaking outside of the US and what the future holds for Cherry.

Make sure to check out Cherry Collectibles on social media @cherrycollect and online at

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LIVE! From The National in Atlantic City a very special edition of The Hype featuring some of the biggest names in the hobby! Doug & Dan sat down with one of the hottest young breakers around Lil Pullman to talk about his rise in the sports card world and what's next. Then, Mike Vinokur from Pullwax joins the guys for a wide ranging conversation about the growth of trading cards and his growing breaker coaching tree.

If you're in Atlantic City for The National drop by our booths (5101 & 5045) for free breaks and more!

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The countdown to The National in Atlantic City is on! The guys talk about what they're most excited about this year's event and what special things Mojobreak will have going on throughout the weekend. Plus the guys discuss a couple of huge new releases, 2021 Donruss Optic Football and 21/22 National Treasures Basketball!

Check out more information on our HUGE 10 case NT Basketball break here:

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We're talking All-Stars on the latest episode of Wax Packs & Warning Tracks with Beckett's Ryan Cracknell! Cody talks to Ryan about some of the biggest names in The Hobby headed to Hollywood for All-Star week including Shohei Ohtani and the possibly soon to be traded Juan Soto. Plus, a 1st timers guide to The National and why another Canadian city might be a better destination for a new MLB team than Montreal.

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Fake autos are one of the biggest hobby sins, but what if pulling one meant you got a free $2000 box? The guys discuss Topps & Fanatics generous solution to the Randy Arozarena/Austin Meadows fake autograph card on this week's episode. Plus they open up some brand new 2021 Chronicles Football, play a National Treasures Basketball edition of Guess That Price and address a controversial segment from last week's episode.

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The 2022 MLB Draft is less than a week away which means baseball card collectors are eagerly waiting to find out which 1st Bowman cards they should be adding to their collections in the coming months. Joe Doyle of Prospects Live joined Cody to talk about just that plus which sleepers we should keep tabs on and why Druw Jones may not be a slam dunk for the Orioles with the number one overall pick.


Check out for full MLB Draft coverage!

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We're talking all things Prizm Basketball as the latest edition of the highly anticipated product comes out this Friday. The guys discuss this year's rookie class and if this year's edition will have staying power despite it's late release. Plus, the guys discuss the state of high end baseball releases with the release of 2022 Topps Definitive, what PSA's decision to grade 84/85 Star Michael Jordan cards will do to his rookie card market and Dan & Cody sit down with Jeremy, the lucky man who now owns the massive 1 of 1 Mac Jones Flawless RPA pulled by Dan a few weeks back.

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After a brief hiatus. Cody welcomes back Rydog this week to talk about the biggest storylines in baseball cards both on and off the field from the 1st half of the season. The guys talk about Julio Rodriguez's meteoric rise, why now is the time to sell your Aaron Judge cards and which hobby favorite Rydog thinks is actually one of the biggest disappointments so far in the hobby.

Make sure to subscribe to Rydog54 on YouTube!

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This week on The Hype, we cover everything from the autograph pavilion at The National to Taco Bell's giant Cheez-Its. But the main topic is still the LeBron triple logoman after it sold for $2.4MM. Is it crazy to call the final sale a disappointment? Plus we discuss how collectors will view Mike Trout's career when it's all over and look at some cards from the world of pop culture & entertainment that are defying the odds and going up as the card market dips.

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With the guys still celebrating another Warriors NBA title, Dan, C-Rad and Cody discuss where Steph Curry now ranks in basketball history both on the court and in The Hobby. Plus, a look at 2021 Contenders Optic Football, Panini's party plans at The National and eBay enters the world of live commerce.

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Last week it seemed like Topps Series 2 was going to be a dud. This week, not so much! Cody talks to former Go GTS Live co-host Ivan Lovgren about how Topps handled the rollout of Series 2, if it provided a peek at how they'll handle future baseball releases and wha the future of baseball cards & sports card collecting looks like after another major deal at Fanatics.

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On the latest edition of The Hype, the guys take a look at some high profile auctions in the hobby, including what Goldin Auctions is calling the modern day grail card, the LeBron triple logoman. The guys debate whether that card deserves the title,take a look at some of the biggest storylines after a week of ripping open 2021 Prizm Football and play another round of Guess That Price.

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Cody is joined by one of the best baseball card YouTubers around, Scott Baldwin aka Scottie B of Scottie B Cards! Cody talks to Scott about the reaction to the Topps Series 2 checklist and what the hold up is for rookie cards from players like Bobby Witt Jr. and Julio Rodriguez. Plus, the guys compare cards from some of the top performers on MLB's best teams and debate whether they're buying or selling a couple of NL All-Star candidates who are heating up at the plate.

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This week on The Hype, the guys share their 1st thoughts on the biggest NFL release in The Hobby, 2021 Prizm Football. Plus, the guys build a NBA FInals PC and specualte when we'll see the top MLB rookies after Topps released an underwhelming Series 2 checklist.

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Memorial Day weekend is behind us, which means we've reached the quarter mark of the MLB season. Cody looks back at some of the predictions made on the show so far this season and how those players & products fared in the 1st quarter of the 2022 season.
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This week on The Hype, the Mojobreak gang discusses Leaf's shocking move to sue Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb for missing autographs and what the long term affect of the now settled lawsuit will be. Plus, Impeccable Basketball, buy low on MLB superstars and a recap of the return of the NFL Rookie Premiere in LA.

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Mojobreak's own Dan Anderson joins Cody on this week's edition of Wax Packs & Warning Tracks to talk about the long awaited debut of Baltimore Orioles catcher and MLB's top prospect Adley Rutschman. The guys discuss what his future in The Hobby looks like and look at the past and future of catchers in the baseball card world. Plus, a look at MLB Pipeline's updated top 100 prospects list and a couple of Cardinals join the Taxi Squad.
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This week on The Hype, the gloves are off. After a week filled of controversy in The Hobby, Dan unloads on a breaking company that has gotten away with scams and ugly behavior for too long. Plus, a look at brand new SP Authentic Golf and the guys debate which possible NBA Finals matchup would be the best for The Hobby.
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This week on Wax Packs & Warning Tracks, Mojobreak's own Doug Caskey joins the show to talk to Cody about the most overrated & underrated baseball players in The Hobby, including some controversial picks and a Yankee prospect struggling to live up to the hype. Plus, a look at a pair of very different no hitters and another out of nowhere star for the Cardinals who could be a bargain for collectors.

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This week on The Hype, Dan, C-Rad & Cody discuss the end of The Hobby's version of the golden ticket chase as the LeBron James triple logoman card was finally pulled out of Flawless Basketball. The guys talk about what card could be the next modern grail card and if the end of the chase could mean less attention at The National. Plus, Dan & C-Rad open a box of brand new 2022 Topps Tribute Baseball and Cody hosts a special National Treasures Football edition of Guess That Price!

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After one month of baseball, we check in on the top stars in The Hobby and some struggling Hobby favorites with baseball YouTuber Bailey of Foolish Baseball! Cody talks to Bailey about who he added to his collection before the 2022 season and which struggling young stars are most likely to bounce back after slow starts. Plus with Ronald Acuna Jr. back in the Braves lineup, Bailey shares his thoughts on the star outfielder and what he made of Atlanta's dramatic offseason.

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National Treasures football has arrived, and it's one of the most anticipated releases in years! The guyts preview this year's set, speculate which rookies will sell the best on the secondary market and more. Plus, a Bowman Baseball box break and buy or sell NBA Playoff edition!

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Cody goes behind enemy lines for the latest episode of Wax Packs & Warning tracks as he welcomes one of the fastest growing breakers on Instagram and die hard Dodger fan Stephanie Garcia to the show! Cody talks to Stephanie about how MamaBreaks has grown over the past year, what she loves most about The Hobby and the storied Giants/Dodgers rivalry set to begin another chapter this week.

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This week on The Hype, Doug, Dan & Cody take an in depth look at the 2022 Bowman Baseball checklist and figure out which prospects collectors should be chasing. Plus, a 1/1 Wander casues a stir, a 1st look at 21/22 Revolution Basketball and with the NFL Draft starting today, the guys discuss the possibility of a weak draft for football collectors.

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With 2022 Bowman Baseball right around the corner, Cody welcomes Susan Lulgjuraj of Goldin Auctions & Card Chat to talk about the hotly anticipated set and her favorite Bowman cards through the years. Plus. Yankee Stadium shenanigans, Wander Franco's sensational start and do Byron Buxton's cards still have room to grow in the hobby?

Subscribe to Susan's Substack, Card Chat,  here:
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This week on The Hype, the guys open up some boxes of brand new 2021 Phoenix Football, look ahead at a crazy couple months for football collectors and speculate what the new era of Starting Lineup figures & cards could look like. Plus, in honor of 4/20, the guys look at some recent "high" card sales and puff or pass on the future of some of the brightest stars in The Hobby.
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This week on Wax Packs & Warning Tracks, The Baseball Collector Mike Moynihan joins the show and talks to Cody about vintage baseball card collecting and the advantages of collecting old school cards vs modern cards. And with future Hall of Famers Miguel Cabrera & Albert Pujols approaching career milestones, the guys talk about the players from today whose cards could become the next vintage collectables many years from now.

Check out more of Mike here:
The Baseball Collector -

Bench Clear Media -

The Golden Age of Cardboard -

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This week on The Hype, the gang gets ready for the NBA Playoffs and the release of 2021-22 Contenders Basketball! Cody, Dan & C-Rad look back at the rookie class of 21/22 and rank their top rookies as the biggest basketball products in The Hobby start to get released. Plus, big changes at HGA, Emily joins the show for a 20/21 Ultimate Collection Hockey box battle and a special NBA Playoff edition of Guess That Price!

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This week on The Hype, the guys debate if one of The Hobby's hottest new releases, WWE Prizm, is worthy of the hype. Plus, the gang opens a box of brand new 2021 Goodwin Champions, discusses the fallout of Topps UEFA Euro soccer deal and talk about a potentially huge year for baseball 

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On the debut episode of Mojobreak's Baseball Card podcast, Cody Pasby chats with baseball card YouTuber Rydog54! The guys preview the upcoming season on the field, debate which recently called up top prospect will have the best value in The Hobby and go over their sleeper picks for collectors to pick up before Opening Day.

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We wrap up our coverage from The MINT Collective in Las Vegas with the good folks from Roadshow Cards Jimmy Mahan & Tracy Hackler! Cody & Dan talk to the guys about what they liked about the show, their big plans at Roadshow and much more!
Direct download: MINTROADSHOWCARDS.mp3
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This week on The Hype, the guys recap a HUGE week in The Hobby, including The MINT Collective, two news making breaks of Flawless Basketball & WWE's surprise deal with Fanatics. Plus Cody talked to Card Ladder co-founders Chris McGill & Josh Johnson from The MINT about the event and what's next for their company. Then Doug, Dan & C-Rad have another box battle, this time with brand new 2022 Inception Baseball!
Direct download: HYPE233FINAL.mp3
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From The MINT Colletive in Las Vegas, Doug & Cody sit down with legend of the hobby Dr. James Beckett! The guys talk about what The MINT could look like in the future, how the hobby has evolved in recent years and much more!
Direct download: MINTBECKETTFINAL.mp3
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From The MINT Collective in Las Vegas, Doug & Dan are joined by fellow hobby podcasters Mike Gioseffi & Jesse Gibson from The Ringer's Sports Card Nonsense! The guys talk about their paths into the sports card world, podcasting & much more!

Direct download: SCNMINTFINAL.mp3
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Live from the Topps Industry Conference in Arizona, Doug & Dan chat with one of the OG's of breaking Larry Franco of Live Case Break! The guys talk to Larry about how he got his start with Live Case Break, how the Fanatics/Topps deal will change the industry & much more!
Direct download: LARRYLIVECASEBREAK.mp3
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On this week's edition of The Hype, the guys talk about one of the biggest football releases of the year, 2021 Contenders Football and look back at some of the most iconic cards in the set's history. Then we give you a sneak peek of our latest episode of The Break Room featuring the founder of StockX & current CVO of Fanatics Collectables Josh Luber! And we wrap things up with a heated debate about Josh's latest venture with Fanatics & Gary Vaynerchuk's NFT's turned cards VeeFriends.

Direct download: HYPE230POD.mp3
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Would you pay $2K for a PSA 10 Wander Franco Series 1 Rookie Card? Doug, Dan, C-Rad and Emily discuss another week of Wander-mania in The Hobby and take a look at the market for other recent hobby heroes to see if the what the future holds for Wander cards. Then Doug & Dan sit down with Emily to talk about how to start a breaking business! for breaks for wax for Pokemon and MORE!

Direct download: HYPE228POD.mp3
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This week, the guys chat about Tom Brady's retirement and what his card market looks like as his Hall of Fame career comes to a close. Plus, Joe Burrow is in the Super Bowl! Is it time to sell? And what 2020 boxes should you hold on to?

Note: We experienced audio issues with Doug's mic in the last 15 minutes of the show, apologies for the technical difficulties.

Follow us @mojobreak_com and @mojobreakm

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On the latest edition of Mojo Sessions, Doug talks to Collectable CEO and Founding Partner of The Mint Collective Ezra Levine! Doug talks to Ezra about what to expect from The Mint Collective in Las Vegas this January, what makes it different from other sports card shows and much more!

Tickets for The Mint Collective in Las Vegas available now at

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On the latest edition of Mojo Sessions, Doug & Nick sit down with Evan Vandenberg, Co-Founder of to talk about the future of digital sports card collecting!

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Dan vs Crad in Guess that PRICE! The Weeknd has cards coming out. We discuss music trading cards and could they be the next big thing. Lamelo Ball is on fire . Could he win the East. All this and more on this episode of the hype! Happy Thanksgiving!

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The guys ponder the NFL MVP so far and talk about there rookie cards. Is Josh Allen 2018 Prizm overvalued? Is Lamar Jackson Rookie Prizm over valued? We also chat about VHS Grading. Yes its a thing! To shop for new and old sealed wax​​

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The guys talk about Stephen Curry cards vs Lebron James Cards. Where does Curry rank amongst all time Hobby Basketball cards. Is it time to sell Zion? We "Weigh" in. Another hot topic is Group break ethics
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Is it time to hit the panic button on Patrick Mahomes Cards? The guys discuss his recent dip in prices. Panini has a F review from the BBB. What steps can they take to improve the customer experience. Doug also gives you his 5 prospects to buy in the baseball offseason.

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On this show we talk Trading Card Value Boxes. Which boxes out there are best bang for the buck. Goldin auction breaks more records with Mickey Mantle, Juan Soto and Exquisite. Dan tries to dance, Doug talks about D and Crad proclaims his love for the WWE. 

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