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Nature AKA @natureluvzyou chats with Doug for another edition of Mojo Sessions! Nature talks about how he gets ideas for some of the funniest videos in the hobby, shares some of his favorite players & products to collect and how growing up in the Bay Area influences him & his content.

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Doug & Dan are back LIVE on The Hype! The guys have finally started accepting that maybe Luka Doncic is living up to the hype and take a look at some of his recent card sales. Then with the release of Fanatics' new twist on memorabilia and cards Emanate, the guys talk about their favorite pieces of memorablia and open up an incredible box of Emanate to wrap up the show!

Note - We experienced some audio issues in our return to live streaming. You may hear an echo at different times during the episode. We apologize for the technical difficulties

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On this week's episode Doug, Dan, C-Rad & Cody talk about a new king of Michael Jordan rookie cards, the NBA Conference Finals and how Marvin Harrison Jr.'s legal battle with Fanatics will affect the hobby. Then Doug chats with Jess Mineo of Bleecker Trading about the biggest stories in sports cards, how she got into the hobby and how it felt getting a baseball card in this year's edition of Big League Baseball.

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Plenty of stories to get to on a jam packed episode of The Hype! The guys discuss the Nuggets return to dominance, PSA's new-ish slabs and why GameStop is suddenly getting into the hobby. Plus we go over early sales data for 2024 Bowman Baseball and look back at one of the busiests and most successful Bowman release weeks ever.

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Doug & Dan break down everything Bowmna on the latest edition of The Hype! The guys discuss another huge Bowman bounty, the latest additions to the product and how they feel about some personalized autos that might be loaded up in this year's product. Plus Panini is releasing a pair of huge hoops products this week and the guys rank which products will get the most attention from collectors during a busy release week.

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We've got no shortage of hobby headlines on this week's episode of The Hype! Doug & Dan are back from the Topps Industry Conference in Atlanta and share their stories about this year's event plus discuss all of the big news with C-Rad & Cody. Then, Cody chats with Andy Cason from Football Card Quest to break down this year's loaded NFL Draft class and talk about which players he's most excited to collect this coming season. 

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